This article from Yahoo Finance discusses some anticipated changes to office space in the aftermath of the Coronavirus. It mostly focuses on the office market in New York City, but parallels can easily be drawn between New York and New Jersey.

The Philadelphia Inquirer featured property owners in Cape May County who rely on their summer rental income; naturally this summer’s uncertainty has them concerned.

This piece from NorthJersey.com focuses on the retail sector’s struggles leading up to the pandemic and how that struggle will escalate given the current crisis. It specifically talks about Paramus as a shopping mecca; property owner’s here will likely not be immune to hardship although their burden. However, Paramus’s reputation and owner’s recent attempts to evolve their spaces should help ease the burden.

The Appraisal Institute released a recent webinar on youtube for those who couldn’t attend the original presentation. It is a round up of commercial real estate experts and their takes on the valuation impacts of the pandemic.

On the housing front, Housing Wire discusses the drop in pending home sales. This bit of news was predictable, but it is still helpful to see the actual statistics.

Forbes sheds light on just how many people will likely be seriously delinquent on their mortgage payments due to Coronavirus induced unemployment.

We hope you are all continuing to be safe and healthy! Check back next week for more articles focused on the pandemic’s impact on real estate.

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